Time to choose,Who’s with me?


It’s over. This circus of an election is officially over and everyone has an opinion. Many people are angry, many are afraid. No one can deny that we are making history right now, but history books are no fairy tales. I try to be a positive, the glass is half full and half hopeful, kind of person. But right now I am scared. And I’m not talking about our new President elect. That’s a whole other level in itself. I’m talking about us, the American people. No matter who you voted for, and how you feel about it now, the way we react to the upcoming year is what will make a difference.

We have a choice ahead of us. We can choose to fight hatred with hatred. Fight fear with giving them something to be afraid of. To protest and shout and make some noise. To stoop down to the level of the people who scare us.


We can fight back with kindness. With empathy, with strength, empowerment and with love. So let’s start a movement. Let’s start this new coming year in the best way we possibly can. I’m making a pledge, right here, right now. To push away the hatred, to fight against the racism, the homophobia, the ignorance and the cowardice that’s overtaking people right now. I pledge to live my life by loving those around me. I pledge to perform random acts of kindness, smile at everyone I see and support those who need it. I don’t care what color you are, who you love or who you voted for. I DON’T CARE.



I want to pass down love to my kids. I want them to grow up with memories of packing shoeboxes of gifts for kids who have nothing. I want them to remember soup kitchens, offering change when someone can’t afford their groceries. I want them to remember their parents treating everyone with kindness and respect, not putting anyone down for being different than we are. That is how we can change things.



Do you have ideas on spreading kindness? Wanna join me in my pledge? Leave a comment and let others know that you’re in!


One thought on “Time to choose,Who’s with me?

  1. This is how we the people can make a difference! It’s with love and respect for each other not who is the president. He can only dictate policies but he cannot tell us how to live our lives. Thank you whatsmommythinking.

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