A Day Without A Woman

Today imagesis International Womens Day, so if you are a woman, would like to be a woman, love a woman, came from a woman, celebrate!  Women are amazing creatures. We are soft and fragile, warm and kind. We are beautiful and precious beings that need to be nurtured and protected. Wait… Maybe I’m talking about babies. Yeah, I’m talking about babies.

So today is, hopefully, going to be an interesting day. On this day of celebrating and loving women, the women of the US have decided to take it a step further. Today, instead of just casually nodding in agreement of the awesomeness of womankind, men everywhere are going to get a glimpse of life without women. Today, we are on strike. Women everywhere have already called out sick from work, closed down their businesses or tossed the laundry to the side. Some stay at home moms have recruited Daddy to stay home with the kids. The color red will be flashed everywhere in solidarity. Today we unite!

To be honest, I’m not participating. Yeah, I’ll pull out the one red shirt i own and rock it today. But I am still going to be at home, taking care of the kids, chores and laundry. I’ll still make dinner for my husband and have a normal day.

But that doesn’t mean I’m not on board. Anyone who thinks the gender pay gap isn’t real hasn’t opened their eyes to it. If anyone thinks that women are actually treated equally, wrong again. The “get back in the kitchen” mentality is alive and well and the point of today is to help squash it. Men need to get in the kitchen. And women. The kitchen has food people, why do we still use this as an example?

So to all the women who are taking the day off, going on strike, I support you. If I drive past any businesses that are closed because of today, I’ll smile and mentally note which ones so I can remember who will get my business later on. I’m still doing my thing today, but I’ll be wearing a red shirt and a smile for every woman I see.

We are beautiful and kind, soft and warm and precious. But we are also amazing, strong, faithful, powerful, and bad ass. We are 50% of the population who still thinks we are less when in reality, the world would fall apart without us. So keep on turning, world and think of what it would feel like without the women in your lives. Guys, kiss your mama, your wife, your daughters. Let them know how much you appreciate them. We need to be loved, yeah, but we also need that appreciation. And if your a guy who respects the women in his life, a boss who pays his workers the same no matter what gender, then today isn’t for you. It’s not a “men suck” day. Men are great, we just want the world to remember that women are great too.

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