A different approach to autism awareness month

It’s autism awareness month! It seems as if this month, this one thing that we are trying to spread awareness for, falls on the ears of those who are already listening. Which is great, because parents of autistic kids need that connection. We need to know we aren’t alone and that others mess up just like we do. And autistic adults need this connection so much. I’m starting to learn how much.


The bridge that I’d like to build is an obvious one, but maybe a path that’s not tread often enough. This month, I’m not focusing on other autism parents. I’m focusing on the adults. I’m reading their stuff, how this month actually makes them feel. I’m paying attention to the symbol that so many of them reject and why and taking that to heart so I don’t associate with it myself. I’m reading their blogs and following on Twitter and I’d like to find someone to talk to on what they think are good and bad ways to handle therapy in a child with autism. I’ve got questions and I’m willing to listen.


Ladies and gentlemen on the spectrum! I see you, I hear you, I love and support you and I will be paying close attention. I want to know the best ways to raise my son and I don’t wanna do it by following orders from the doctor alone. I want to be gently guided by those who have gone through it and grown up awesome. I’m here, and I’m listening. And hopefully I can convince other parents to listen too.

Parents, we’ve got a wealth of knowledge available across Facebook, Tumblr, Reddit, Twitter, probably other social media sites I’m not cool enough to know about. It’s time to learn from the experts.